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With universal applications, conjoint analysis is a tangible benefit to organisations from all sectors...

Case Studies

Conjoint analysis in action

If you are starting up a new business, or launching a new product or service, or want to reposition your existing range of products or services, conjoint analysis can scientifically provide the best solutions to:

How to market your products

How to increase demand for your product

How to make your company more profitable

How to derive the most favourable aspects of the purchase decision

Here are three case studies which all illustrate the power of conjoint analysis:

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    Big Health Debate

    Problem definition: Much information has been gathered during 2006 to understand Liverpool residents’ and key stakeholder groups’ opinions and attitudes towards the concept of outside-of-hospital health care provision. The combined findings have developed a number of key issues and trade-offs

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    SouthWestern Bell

    Problem definition: In the early 1990s the telecoms market was deregulated in the UK permitting perfect competition in the marketplace where the monopoly powers of BT had ruled for decades. By the start of the new millennium, many franchise holders

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    Arrowe Park Hospital

    Problem definition: Management at the Wirral NHS Foundation Trust are concerned that Wirral residents are choosing to travel to Liverpool or Chester, for obstetric and gynaecology support. The Trust’s management is keen to ascertain what barriers exist with their current

Conjoint Analysis To Go!

Welcome to the world of choice and how you position your product in the competitive marketplace.

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