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Predicting choice

The award-winning Murray Consultancy Ltd is a full service Market Research and Statistical Analysis Consultancy headed by David Murray, a research practitioner with over 35 years experience in Market and Social Research.


The organisation undertakes a wide variety of research-based projects including consumer insight, Focus Groups, face-to-face interviewing, telephone interviewing, business-to-business research, in-depth interviewing, online research,public consultations, desk research and tracking studies. Value is added to the outputs of the research through the application of statistical analyses with conjoint analysis – the evaluation of choice – being a key area of specialisation.


As winners of the 2006 and 2013 BIG European Market Research Awards, The Murray Consultancy can offer a wide range of expertise across a broad range of consumer sectors.

Who have we helped?


Our specialised and scientific approach using conjoint analysis has universal application across different areas of market research and consumer insight gathering. Our methods can be adapted to any situation and for any organisation to arrive at tangible and actionable solutions.

Our methods have been successfully implemented to a range of studies in the private sector and the public sector  for a range of organisations such as the NHS, TV and telephony service providers, notable retail companies and government bodies.

Why conjoint analysis works


Why does scientific market research present a true insight into your future customers’ choices?

Only by understanding the process that consumers go through when making a choice can marketers truly know where to position their product. They need conjoint analysis, which analyses this snapshot of behavior by decoding customers’ value judgement.

The Power  of Conjoint Analysis 

While scientific and complex, conjoint analysis and its long-term benefits are accessible and achievable for any organisation. This is where we can help you


Whatever the size of your company or organisation, or whatever you offer, conjoint analysis research will ensure your product is correctly placed in the market…

How does conjoint analysis work?

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